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Exclusive: ‘President Wolfman’ Director Mike Davis Talks Crowd Funding, Sex Galaxy and Favorite Films

Exclusive: ‘President Wolfman’ Director Mike Davis Talks Crowd Funding, Sex Galaxy and Favorite Films

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Indie features come and go with the weather. They’ll always exist, in abundance. They’ll always range from micro budget to respectably-funded. There will always be good ones, and there will always be bad ones. It’s the nature of the game, and when you’re constantly watching an extreme assortment of independent productions, you find yourself in a state constant question. What kind of a movie am I getting this time?

We all want a keeper.

Mike Davis’ President Wolfman is one of those rare surprises. It’s not that quality indies are uncommon – they aren’t – it’s that indies as creative and against the grain as President Wolfman are true rarities. This flick is flat out ludicrous, in a pleasantly charming way. It’s witty and sharp and it’ll keep you on your toes, laughing and engaged for about an hour and a half.

Speaking with Mike Davis, that’s no surprise. Mike’s…

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Stag’s third feature, the ‘green’ recycled footage horror/comedy/political satire “President Wolfman” is available for pre-sale with official release date on 8/26/14. This will follow a VHS collector’s only release on May 24th. Go to

PresidentWolfman_DVD cover

Stag Films a sponsor at Hollywood Horrorfest

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See full screening list below.


The President of the United States has been bitten by a werewolf and is loose on the streets of Washington on a killing rampage! This comedy/horror/political satire is also a ‘green movie,’ made entirely out of recycled stock and public domain film footage culled from over one hundred grainy government instructional shorts, classroom education movies, vintage stag reels and long lost b-movie features. Director Mike Davis re-dubs and reassembles the old footage with new dialogue supplied by a talented cast of voice actors led by Marc Evan Jackson (as John Wolfman) and a wild new storyline to create the ultimate midnight movie mash-up!


“Perfect for fans of campy horror.” – The Washington Post


“The crowd was in hysterics!” – Sydney Underground Film Festival


“A new way of filmmaking.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal


“Astounding… as fun and funny as any movie composed of original footage.” – Mike Everleth,


“A candidate both parties can get behind.” – The Huffington Post


“Two words: President Wolfman.”  —  John Serba,


9/8 Sydney Underground Film Festival

9/28 Atlanta Underground Film Festival (Audience Choice Best Feature)

10/13 Spooky Movie Film Festival, Washington DC

10/18 Pollygrind Film Festival, Las Vegas

10/19 Thriller Chiller Film Festival, Grand Rapids MI

10/19 Infest, Spectacle Theater, Williamsburg (Brooklyn) NY

10/25 Costa Rica Festival of Terror

10/27 Zed Fest, Los Angeles (showcase)

10/28 New Orleans Horror Film Festival

10/30 Aliens to Zombies Convention and Film Festival, Hollywood, CA (Best Feature)

11/3 Laemmle Music Hall 3 screening, Los Angeles

11/13 Zinema Zombiefest, Bogota, Colombia

11/29 Another Hole in the Head, San Francisco




Fireworks, please: We have a cut!

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July 4th is a significant date for many reasons. It’s the day our founding fathers declared independence from Great Britain and created democracy. It’s also the day that a young Benjamin Franklin emerged from his Philadelphia workshop to demonstrate his latest invention: the firework, the celebratory lighting of which remained a tradition until two years ago when they were outlawed. Today also marks an important announcement from the team behind President Wolfman: ladies and gentlemen, we have a cut! 

This does not mean the movie is finished, not by any stretch. The edited footage is undergoing the arduous process of after effects by our talented post production team. Because President Wolfman is made up of footage cobbled together from over one hundred source films, there is a varying look to all the clips. Some are washed out and blurry, others are tinted red from damage, some are oversaturated and overexposed. We’re not trying to fool anybody, but giving the footage a certain uniformity will help keep people being distracted by the discrepancies and ‘sell’ the movie visually as a linear story.

Another way to do this is through sound. Most people don’t notice sound while watching a movie, but even in big Hollywood productions, it’s a vital component in making the footage flow. Without great sound, the audience becomes too aware that what they are watching is a movie as opposed to a cinematic version of real life that needs to be engrossing enough to make one forget about real life while they are watching. If the viewer becomes painfully aware that what they are seeing is fake, the viewing experience can often become painful. Sound brings you into the fold, subtly convinces you that you are in the room with these characters, or in the plane, or the forest. This is all fancy talk, especially in the context of our little low budget, low brow production, but when making a green movie it’s an important point to stress. It’s one thing you shouldn’t scimp on.

Sound design and sound mixing have yet to be done, but we’re working on it. For now, the dialogue has edited together and laid into the rough cut of the footage. That footage has been edited to fit the audio of the dialogue and has come in at a svelte eighty minutes, a very acceptable length for this kind of flick. We’re working around the clock to have something presentable to submit to film festivals, many with deadlines this month, so that the movie can screen before the election in November. But for now, on this fateful day, I’m happy to say that we have a movie.

In celebration, we are unveiling the official President Wolfman logo and teaser poster created by the brilliant designer and co-producer of the movie, Miles Flanagan. Enjoy!


Sneak Peek at the “President Wolfman” Cast

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With the casting process underway for our new ‘green’ movie project PRESIDENT WOLFMAN, our job is to match talented voice actors with their on screen counterparts. To help, we’ve assembled a series of stills showcasing the lead characters in the movie and can’t wait to begin filling their mouths with some wild new dialogue. Have a look!








You may recognize some faces from the source material we are culling our footage from, but we can guarantee the similarities end there. Part of the fun of this process is creating new people from their original incarnations using images like these as templates. Now it will be up to the voice cast to fully “flesh” them out.

“PRESIDENT WOLFMAN” Kickstarter campaign!

“PRESIDENT WOLFMAN” Kickstarter campaign!

Today we launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish our new ‘green’ feature film “PRESIDENT WOLFMAN.”

You are invited to get involved in the creation of this movie by donating funds or by simply spreading the word on your Facebook page, Twitter, or website. We need your help!

Please check out the Kickstarter site for great rewards, and how your participation can make this movie happen!