Exclusive: ‘President Wolfman’ Director Mike Davis Talks Crowd Funding, Sex Galaxy and Favorite Films

Addicted to Horror Movies

Indie features come and go with the weather. They’ll always exist, in abundance. They’ll always range from micro budget to respectably-funded. There will always be good ones, and there will always be bad ones. It’s the nature of the game, and when you’re constantly watching an extreme assortment of independent productions, you find yourself in a state constant question. What kind of a movie am I getting this time?

We all want a keeper.

Mike Davis’ President Wolfman is one of those rare surprises. It’s not that quality indies are uncommon – they aren’t – it’s that indies as creative and against the grain as President Wolfman are true rarities. This flick is flat out ludicrous, in a pleasantly charming way. It’s witty and sharp and it’ll keep you on your toes, laughing and engaged for about an hour and a half.

Speaking with Mike Davis, that’s no surprise. Mike’s…

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