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  1. If you are having trouble reaching Stag Films, please write to us here. We recently switched servers and have been having a bit of email trouble. Our apologies!

  2. I have this idea for a movie, but I don’t have the means to produce it. I am a big fan of both “Pervert” and “Sex Galaxy” and I figured if anyone would pick up my idea, it would be you guys!

    So you have the movie starting off with a woman delivering a baby. When she finally does, a uniform look of concern comes over the faces of all the doctors in the room. Noticing the look, the woman asks “Doctor, is my child going to be ok?” to which the doctor replies with “Mam, your son is perfectly healthy, but… HE HAS 2 DICKS!” And now the music starts up and its the opening credits. Right now its just pictures of his life up until high school, and its like him getting laughed at cause he has to use 2 urinals in the bathroom, and he can never find the right pants and all that crazy stuff. So now the movie starts. He looks totally normal but everyone treats him weird cause he has 2 dicks, and he is in the locker room getting changed for gym, and he is getting harassed and made fun of by the other boys, they keep pulling his pants down and shit and making him feel terrible. So now he is out running the track, and over hears 2 girls talking about how their boyfriends use them for sex and how guys are jerks. So he vows to use his dicks for good cause most guys abuse people with their dicks, and he was twice as many as most guys so he is gonna help people out. He also vows to never ejaculate until he dies. So now he is doing awesome shit with his dicks, like helping old ladies walk the street and getting cats out of tress and all this crazy shit, and now everyone loves him. So this corporation bent on world domination offers him an absurd amount of money to create an army of PMC Soldiers so they can take over the world, and he is like fuck that. So now this corporation is trying relentlessly to fuck up his life. Like 400 armed assassins come into his house at night and he just fucks them all up with his 2 dicks. He’s like penetrating their skulls and snapping their necks and all this shit. Its just awesome. So now these 2 girls come up to him and are like “We need your help. We want to go to college but we don’t have any cash, so we want to make a porn with you to raise the money” so he agrees to help them, but he wont cum! So now they’re like sitting on his 2 dicks and their asses are touching perfectly at the bottom of his shafts, and then they turn around and make out with each other and play with their tits, and then they like sandwich each other and he is lick fucking them both from behind, and kinda sideways. So now since he refuses to cum and he suffers from paralyzing blue balls and goes into a coma. When he wakes up he is on the 100th floor of this building at the ass end of a long conference table. So now you see the real head of this corporation for the first time and he’s like “I’ll double my offer, and if you refuse, I’ll kill you!” So he thinks about it and is just like “FUCK THAT!” So he flips the table over with his 2 dicks and he’s just killing all these guys again. Finally one guy pins him up against the glass and kicks him out of the building. He looks over and just sees the guy with 2 dicks violently masturbating screaming fuck yea! This is it! He’s about to die so he is gonna finally blow his load. Everyone has their eyes on him. Is he gonna cum? Screen cuts to black and you hear a splat. Then white seaman covers the screen. White background, black text, end credits.

    It still needs some fine tuning, but I think it has potential to be a great film. Please let me know what you think and what I can do to improve it. I hope to be working with you at some point in the future, if not on this film, than another.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  3. I would like to know who the woman is in the beginning credits of Sex Galaxy.

  4. Hello! The stunning specimen featured in the opening credits is the one and only Virginia Bell (sometimes spelled Belle).

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