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Stag Films currently has two full length movies in international distribution. “Pervert!” (TLA Releasing, 2007) is an outrageous homage to Russ Meyer, grindhouse exploitation and 1970s horror flicks, while “Sex Galaxy” (Breaking Glass Pictures and Unearthed Films, 2010) is a campy, sci-fi b-movie that boasts the title for the “World’s First Green Movie.”

Both films are available throughand all other video outlets, and have screened around the world and been honored at film festivals crazy enough to have them.

Breaking Glass Pictures/Unearthed Films 2010 DVD release of Sex Galaxy.

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“Best Feature” 2008 Atlanta Underground Film Festival
“Director’s Choice, Best Feature” 2008 Sydney Underground Film Festival
“Best Drinking Movie” 2009 Philadelphia Backseat Film Festival

Stag Films co-produced the groundbreaking “Pervert!” starring Mary Carey. Since its release, this film has enjoyed status as the modern cult classic it set out to be. For more information, visit the official “Pervert! website.”

Stag is always on the prowl for new projects, and has several ‘green movies’ in the works. Here’s a sneak peak at one of them…


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